Carpet Cleaning Ashburton

Carpet Cleaning Ashburton When you need a professional carpet cleaning for your residence or office in Ashburton or the surrounding suburbs, you can count on the experts at Panda Groupz. We have a team of dedicated and passionate carpet cleaners who can clean and return your carpets in its brand new condition. Regardless of what your carpet cleaning needs are, our team can handle it with maximum professionalism and excellence.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Ashburton:

Dirty carpets will not only spoil the look of your property, but can also cause many health issues. That’s why it is important for any property owner to keep them in the best condition. Our carpet steam cleaning services can be a great way to keep your carpets clean and increase their life. Also known as hot water extraction method, the steam cleaning technique uses highly pressured water in combination with an effective cleaning solution, leaving clean carpets and fresh atmosphere.

How Does Steam Cleaning Method Work?

We pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned. Following this, we will spray the carpet with a powerful and safe conditioner which suspends soil and dirt from the fibre, making it easier to remove during the extraction process. We will agitate the fibres to loosen the soil stuck deep in the carpet.

Our experts use a hot water system to spread highly pressurised water containing the cleaning solution over the carpet. Then, we will extract the hot water along with dirt, soil and dust, leaving the clean carpet behind. To facilitate quick drying, we use industrial fans that can remove the moisture from the carpets in the shortest time possible.

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