Carpet Cleaning Ashwood

Carpet Cleaning Ashwood If you are thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning company in Ashwood or surrounding suburbs, then look no further than Panda Groupz. With years of hands-on experience and expertise behind us, we aim to provide our customers with professional carpet cleaning service around. Our cleaning method is designed to be safe for kids and pets, and can give great value for your money.

While there are so many carpet cleaning methods available, we deploy steam cleaning process that produces fantastic results, no matter how dirty your carpets are. Here is how our carpet steam cleaning method works:

  • We will inspect the carpet to identify the stains and the spots to be cleaned, and give you an evaluation of expected results.
  • We remove the dry-soils by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet.
  • We apply pre-conditioning agent which breaks down stubborn spots and stains.
  • We agitate the carpet to further loosen the soil.
  • We will rinse the carpet using our hot water extraction system without over-wetting the carpet.
  • When finished with the cleaning, we will place high-speed air movers to facilitate fast drying.

Effective And Quick Steam Cleaning:

The hot water under high pressure does an excellent job of eliminating dust mites, bacterial, fungus, mould. The pressurised water penetrates all the way to the base of the carpet’s fibres and can remove any kind of dirt embedded there. The powerful system sucks 95% of the wetness, making it easier for the carpet to dry quickly.


Steam cleaning is certainly a fantastic way to get your carpets cleaned. As it does not involve using harmful chemicals, it can be a much healthier choice for your environment.

Still wondering how we can help you with your carpet steam cleaning needs? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300694914. We would be more than happy to cleaning your carpets and maximising their potential.