Carpet Cleaning Brighton East

Carpet Cleaning Brighton East Your carpets will lose its freshness and look dull overtime. This could be from children spilling their drink or food or from pets leaving messes on your carpet. Whatever may be the case, you should get them cleaned to maintain a healthy environment for your family. If you are in Brighton East or the surrounding suburbs, you can count on the experts of Panda Groupz for your carpet cleaning needs. We have developed an industry leading cleaning process in order to provide our customers with clean and safe carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

Here at Panda Groupz, we use steam cleaning method to get the carpets cleaned. This process involves using hot water which is heated to an exceptional degree. The pressurised steam is applied on the carpets with a machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner. When the heat meets the fibre, it breaks down the dirt and provides a fantastic clean. Dry air is blown over the carpets to ensure quick drying.

What Makes Steam Cleaning A Successful Method?

Our carpet steam cleaning provides a wide range of benefits to our customers, and they are as follows:

Superior Stain And Dirt Removal:

When the heated steam hits the fibres, it weakens the dirt and stains bonded to the carpet. Once they get detached, dust and stains can be removed easily. The vapour will work down to the deepest layer, providing thorough cleaning than shampooing and vacuuming.

Kills Mites and Bacteria:

Bacteria, fungus, mould and dust mites surviving in the carpet can be very tough to remove them using traditional cleaning methods. With steam cleaning, the heat of the vapour is more than enough to kill those unwanted creatures.

No Pollutants:

Most people have a misconception that intensive cleaning can damage the carpet, but this is not the case with carpet steam cleaning. As no harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning process, you don’t have to worry about the carpet.

If you want to know more about our carpet steam cleaning services, you can call us at 1300694914.